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Do you provide obligation-free quotes?
Yes. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We will need to inspect your site to see what is required and to check out access and suitability for the type of work required.

Do you prepare quotes on site?
Our expereinced staff will take measurements and determine what is required to be done on site, but we will then need to calculate prices in our office and email or fax you a written quote.

Do you provide engineering/council certification?
Yes. We do provide these services.

Do you undertake site preparation/earthworks?
Yes. Smart Stone Group will organise for the site to be cleared and prepare the site to commence detailed work.

Do you have equipment for hire?
Yes. Equipment can be hired through our office.

Do you have a display centre?
We have many of the products available for viewing in our yard at Smart Stone Landscape Supplies. Brochures of many of the products are also available from the Landscape Supplies office.
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